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Never heard of CRO before? You’re not alone!

Even those who’ve engaged digital marketing agencies previously are often left scratching their heads over this term. But CRO, or Conversion Rate Optimisation, could very well be the best money you’ve ever spent.

Why? We’ll get to that, but first let’s understand what it actually is:

CRO Explained

In a nutshell, CRO is a multi-step process designed to increase whatever it is that you want your website to do, without increasing the number of visits:

  • Want more leads but don’t want to increase your AdWords budget?
  • Want to compete against the big players in your industry, but can’t match their marketing budget?
  • Want to increase your revenue per visitor?

How does it do this? With a combination of data collection, data analysis, testing and reiteration.

What does any of that mean? Let’s break it down.

The CRO Process Explained

1. Data Collection – We set up comprehensive user tracking, if it’s not already implemented (GA, Tag Manager, HotJar, whatever else is relevant to your business) and establish a performance baseline along the major traffic segments (mobile vs desktop, social vs paid traffic, browser types, etc). As well as observing user behavior passively, we may also actively solicit user opinions of your site via surveys and user testing.

2. Data Analysis – Now that we have some data on how users perceive and interact with your website, we’ll analyse the collected data, look for patterns and draw conclusions. What areas of your site are the biggest and easiest roadblocks to remove? What part of your product/service doesn’t resonate with users? How can we leverage small changes to get big wins?

3. Testing – With our hypotheses in hand, we’re ready to start testing – it might be a different form type, a different pricing structure, a different offer, or an entirely different landing page design.

4. Reiteration – Once our testing has collected enough data, we analyse and record the results, then take our learnings into either another round of testing, or we circle back to do more Data Analysis.

In short, CRO is scientific, methodical, and relentlessly adds to your business’s bottom line.

Proof That Math Can Be Fun

Let’s take an example – let’s say you have $10,000 to spend each month. Your AdWords account is profitable and stable, returning $2 for every $1 spent. A nice return right? That’s a guaranteed 200% ROI right there!

But what would happen if you diverted just 30% of that ($3k) to CRO? That would only leave $7,000 left, but let’s say your conversion rate improves 50%, from 1% to 1.5%. Let’s see how that might play out:

Month 1

Metric 100% on AdWords 70% on AdWords, 30% on CRO
AdWords Budget $10,000 $7,000
Cost Per Click 50c 50c
Visitors 20,000 14,000
Conversion Rate 1% 1.5%
Conversions 200 210
Cost Per Conversion $50 $33.33
Revenue $20,000 $21,000

Boom. That’s what happens!

Perhaps that extra $1k isn’t impressive enough? Ok, let’s do the same thing for the next month – but this time, your conversion rate only improves 16%, from 1.5% to 1.75%, as all the easy stuff got done in the previous month:

Month 2

Metric 100% on AdWords 70% on AdWords, 30% on CRO
AdWords Budget $10,000 $7,000
Cost Per Click 50c 50c
Visitors 20,000 14,000
Conversion Rate 1% 1.75%
Conversions 200 245
Cost Per Conversion $50 $28.57
Revenue $20,000 $24,500

That’s an extra $4.5k there. One more month? Let’s see what happens when we hit the 2% conversion rate mark:

Month 3

Metric 100% on AdWords 70% on AdWords, 30% on CRO
AdWords Budget 10,000 7,000
Cost Per Click 50c 50c
Visitors 20,000 14,000
Conversion Rate 1% 2.00%
Conversions 200 280
Cost Per Conversion $50 $25
Revenue $20,000 $28,000

That’s an extra $8k of revenue, from 3 months of focusing on CRO.

Some things to consider:

1. Even if you don’t focus on CRO ever again, that extra $8k is essentially permanent – if you go back to spending $10,000 just on AdWords on month 4, then you can count on $40,000 in revenue, not $20,000.

2. Depending on your industry, your conversion rate ceiling may be as high as 10% or even more. In other words, if you’ve never focused on CRO, you probably have a loooot of room for improvement.

3. This example was for AdWords traffic, but if we assume that the CRO performed in our example was focused on pages that also receive traffic from social, organic or referral traffic, then CRO will have improved conversions for all of those sources as well.


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